Terms and Conditions of Sales:

Welcome to Bespoke Sofa London. If you continue to browse our website and purchase any items from us, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions ensure all rights of the customer and the supplier are protected, however please be aware that the statutory rights of the customer is not affected by these conditions. Every effort is made by Bespoke Sofa London to offer the highest possible standard of service.

1: Placing an order

  1. We will attempt to start production as soon as an order is confirmed and all fabrics/information have been received. In the event that the client requests to start production before all fabrics/information are received and to get the items ready as and when the latter are received, then the following applies: In the case that fabrics/information for some items of a project are received after a period of approximately 4 weeks from the remainder of the project and production has already started as requested, the client will be required to take a first delivery of the items for which fabrics/information were received first. Delivery will be charged as per section 3. In case that the client in unable to take a first delivery, we will impose a charge for storing the items which are ready as per section 4. If we do not have any storage space, the client will be required to arrange their own storage.
  2. If items of furniture are ready within an agreed deadline with a client or 4 weeks after all fabrics/information are received, and the client is unable to take the delivery, we may store the furniture free of charge for up to 2 weeks at our discretion. In the event that we are unable to do so, we will charge for storage after the 2 weeks period as per section 4. If we do not have any storage space, the client will be required to accept the delivery or make their own storage arrangements. We will then deliver to the storage. If the client would like us to collect and deliver the items to the property when possible, we will levy separate collection and delivery charges.
  3. Slight differences in dimensions may occur. Whereby items have to fit into strict spaces, dimensions of such spaces must be communicated prior to production.
  4. Any changes made to a confirmed order will be charged according to how far along we have reached in the production process and the amount of work required in order to implement the changes. Whereby production of the item has not been started, we will levy a £10 admin charge.
  5. All instructions/changes to an order must be communicated in writing. Any verbal instruction will not be carried out.

2: Delivery

  1. We endeavour to carry out deliveries as scheduled. However, delivery dates shall not be legally binding on us.
  2. We shall not be held responsible / liable for scheduled deliveries that could not be carried out due to any circumstances beyond our control.
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure goods delivered are satisfactory and as ordered.
  4. If there is no one to receive the delivery, it will be understood that all items were delivered in good and acceptable condition to the best of our knowledge. We will unfortunately not be in a position to accept any claims or damages raised subsequently.
  5. Any discrepancy must be notified to us within the next 48 hours succeeding delivery. Goods shall not be used in any way and original packaging must be retained.
  6. The limits of liability for any fault or defect shall not exceed the purchase price of the item.
  7. Restricted access must be notified to us at the time of order. The client must inform us whether any item must be assembled on site due to access restriction prior to production.
  8. Delivery times will be communicated at our earliest convenience.
  9. All deliveries / collections outside of London have to be arranged at order time and will be charged per mileage.
  10. It is the client responsibility to arrange for parking facilities on the delivery day. In the event that the client does not do so, we will deliver to the nearest kerbside and the client will have to make arrangements to take the items of furniture from the van to the property.
  11. Upon delivery, risk of the goods shall be deemed to have passed on to the client. Nonetheless, the goods shall remain our property until they are paid in full in cleared funds.
  12. We reserve the right to repossess goods which have not been paid for within the agreed period of time and may enter the concerned premises in order to do so.

3: Bespoke Orders

  1. Acceptance of bespoke designs must be confirmed in writing by the client prior to the production of furniture, this is to avoid any misunderstanding between the two parties.
  2. We will provide an estimate of the time taken to complete a particular job depending on the complexity of the design and the material to be used.
  3. In case we are provided with an image for bespoke orders, we cannot guarantee the final product will be exactly as per image unless technical drawings are provided alongside. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that designs/images can be replicated legally.
  4. Whereby specific dimensions are provided by the client, we cannot accept any liability for the final look or comfort of the item. In the event that dimensions are not provided, we will suggest appropriate dimensions to the best of our knowledge subject to approval by the client for which we will not accept any liability.
  5. Once you have confirmed an order any changes will effect both the cost and the delivery schedule.

4: Terms of Payment

  1. We require a 50% deposit in order to start with production and the balance due before delivery.
  2. Storage charges are strictly payable before delivery of furniture.
  3. Overdue accounts will be charged at 2% over the LIBOR base rate per month or part thereof, and may also be passed over to a 3rd party for collection and a collection fee will be added to your invoice value.
  4. We reserve the right to ask for a 50% deposit before an order is processed where we feel appropriate.

5: Fabric

  1. We cannot accept any liability for the use of fabrics that have been provided by clients. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that fabrics satisfy the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended).
  2. Clients should clearly notify us at the time of order whether fabrics are Flame Retardant (FR) or FR treated. Certain fabrics are eligible to be used over a ‘barrier cloth’. In essence if a fabric contains over 75% natural fibres, then it need not be FR treated if the piece of furniture is upholstered first in a barrier cloth.
  3. Use of a barrier cloth must be clearly specified at order time which carries a charge. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that we are instructed to use the correct interlining, i.e. domestic or commercial use.
  4. Some silks and velvets made from cotton and silk can be marked by the slightest touch. As all our furniture is handmade, the handing of fabric is unavoidable and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the condition if these fabrics when used during manufacture.

6: Cancellation

  1. In the event of a cancellation, the client will be liable for all the costs incurred by us up to the point of cancellation.
  2. We reserve the right to calculate the costs incurred up to the point of cancellation.
  3. All cancellations must be notified in writing

7: Refunds

  1. Refunds and exchanges are not available for bespoke items, and made-to-order items.

8: Restocking

  1. A restocking charge of from 25% from the invoice value is applicable for any returned item sold through sales, special offers and items sold as seen. Bespoke items carry 100% charge.